Dull and Dehydrated Skin

11 reasons for dull and dehydrated skin Ever wonder why some people look good without makeup, whatever their age? Natural, effortless beauty begins with great skin. And great skin is sustainable only when it is healthy from the inside. Maintaining radiance isn’t always easy. Here are some common reasons why your skin is missing that […]


What is Hyperpigmentation? Hyperpigmentation is one of the five most common skin concerns for women. It is a harmless response to UV exposure, injury, and inflammatory skin conditions. Nevertheless, these pesky brown spots and patches make our skin look blotchy, hindering us from achieving that perfect skin we desire. What causes Hyperpigmentation? UV exposure The […]

Acne, Blackheads, and Post Acne Blemishes

How does Acne occur? Acne is a skin condition that occurs when hair follicles in the skin become filled with oil and dead skin cells. The bacteria responsible for acne breakouts (P Acnes) live on normal, acne-free skin too. It only causes breakouts when there’s overgrowth. Acne starts with inflammation of the hair follicles from […]

Fine Lines, Skin Laxity and Volume Loss

How does aging affect your skin? As early as 20 years old, your face starts to age. Signs of aging include: The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles Skin laxity (loosening and sagging skin), and Volume loss (your face looks more sunken and hollow)The rate of aging and its effects depends on the individual. Preexisting […]