Blue LED Light Therapy​

We recommend Blue LED Light Therapy if you have acne.

Blue LED light frequencies reduce acne breakouts and kill acne-causing bacteria by targeting certain glands in the skin.

They target your sebaceous glands, which are also known as oil glands.

Your oil glands sit beneath your hair follicles, and they are necessary for lubricating your skin and hair so they don’t dry out.

But your oil glands can become hyperactive and lead to oily skin and acne.

Blue LED makes your oil glands less active and therefore reduces opportunities for acne breakouts.

We will recommend one of our acne facials for more severe acne cases, which incorporates blue LED therapy as part of the treatment.

AMAROS LED Light Facial Treatment Package for first-time customers

If it’s your first time visiting us, we have a special treat for you.

Book your first treatment with us at a heavily discounted rate of S$68.

This treatment is a 90-minute treatment session that comprises:

  1. Detailed skin analysis and treatment plan
  2. Double-cleansing facial
  3. Vacuum extraction
  4. Skin toner application
  5. Hydrating serum application
  6. AMAROS-branded LED light therapy treatment
  7. Anti-aging/anti-acne serum
  8. Cooling mask
  9. Shoulder massage

Book your treatment now!

Frequently Asked Questions

LED light therapy typically needs 8-10 short sessions spread out over time to avoid traumatizing the skin and to get substantial and enduring results. 

Each session lasts about 20 minutes, and you need to space out your sessions to be about 1 week apart.

For specific treatment recommendations, you can book a free consultation* so our doctors can conduct an in-depth assessment of your condition and concerns.  

You might feel warm sensations on your skin, almost like a very mild sunburn. That’s about it!

Each session lasts about 20 minutes. Think of it as the duration of a coffee break! 

Yes. This procedure has gone through rigorous testing, and it is deemed safe. The American Academy of Dermatology supports the treatment, and it has been widely used all over the world. 


Short-term side effects are rare, and if they occur, they may include:


  • Inflammation
  • Rashes
  • Redness
  • Tenderness

Note: Our specialists will conduct an assessment of your skin before recommending treatment for you. If you belong to any of the following categories, we do not recommend light therapy for you. You may want to consider other forms of treatment.


  • Retinal (eye) issues 
  • Cancer patients/survivors
  • Facial rashes
  • Anyone doing treatments or medications that make your skin sensitive to light (e.g., Roaccutane)